e Learning platform

The forma-care e learning platform has been developed by our specialists to help you increase your understanding and awareness of incontinence and to ensure you are able to remain up to date and familiar with the latest best practice within the management of continence.

The forma-care e learning platform is a tool to support our customers, offering professional users and carers a full range of educational packages through modules on all areas and aspects of continence from a basic understanding to continence assessment principals to assessment and management.

The modules include particularly the use and benefits of the CARA assessment app.

The forma-care learning tool is based on a series of ten clear self-contained modules which provide a basic introduction and understanding of incontinence.

  • Bladder and Bowel functions
  • Familiarity with the anatomy and physiology of the urinary and bowel system.
  • Awareness of bladder & bowel conditions
  • Assessment of physical conditions and lifestyle impact, including the CARA app.
  • Types of bladder & bowel disfunction including, stress, urge, overflow.
  • Management plan based on a Holistic Assessment.
  • Awareness for Carers
  • Paediatrics
  • Medication
  • National policy and NICE guidelines

The forma-care e learning platform is a completely accredited, online e learning, specially developed by our own highly experienced nursing professionals to offer you further knowledge and understanding of incontinence and ensure you always have the opportunity to remain up to date with best practice. The platform is regularly updated so a continuous on-line educational facility is provided for professionals and carers on all areas of continence solutions and management based on best practices.

Reasons to use the forma-care e Learning platform:

  • Offers re-validation and certification
  • Easy access from any on line facility including a CARA tablet
  • User friendly
  • Module progress is continuously stored and saved
  • Develops professional skills
  • Regularly updated

Through the e Learning platform users can directly access, forma-care product brochures, fitting, sizing and skin treatment guides.