Bed Wetting

Bed wetting


Bed wetting is very common in younger children and nobody can be sure why it happens. Bed wetting isn’t classed as a problem with children younger than 5 and there are lots of home remedies that are effective when it comes to children Bed wetting. However, there are some cases where bedwetting can continue or arise as a problem later in their life. It is classified as a medical problem when it affects you or your child more then just changing the bed sheets.



-Overactive bladder

-Deep sleep, this can mean that the child/adult doesn’t respond to signals telling their brain that they need to go to the toilet

-Emotional distress, if a child is getting bullied, or worried about something bed wetting can be an effect of the emotional trauma

-It is Rarely connected with an underlying health issue

-It often runs in families


Home remedies

Some home remedies include not drinking or giving the child liquid within an hour of them going to sleep, you could also make sure that they use the toilet before going to sleep to fully empty the bladder.

If the behaviour isn’t usual for your child/you or there are other symptoms such as pain when urinating, then there is a need to consult your GP.



There isn’t really a treatment for this problem alone however, there are products that can allow for an easier life when it comes to bed wetting. There are disposable bed pads that you can buy to cover bed sheets to protect form bed wetting accidents, also incontinence pads and incontinence pants can be worn to help with the problem, but these may cause some irritation depending on the leakage.


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