Incontinence in Men

Male Incontinence


Incontinence in men is unintentional loss of control of the bladder and its more common then most might believe. Up to 15% of males between the ages 15-64 have urinary incontinence and its more then just the dribble you get if you forget to shake.


-9 out of 10 men that have prostrate surgery get some form of incontinence

-weak or damaged muscles around the bladder

-An overactive balder

-Nerve damage can also cause a loss of control

Types of incontinence:

The three most common types of incontinence within men are Urge incontinence, Stress incontinence, and Overflow incontinence. Every person in unique and the symptoms will differ depending on the person. It is also possible for people to have just one, a mixture of two or all three types of incontinence. However, don’t panic as there are treatments in place to make life easier. If you believe you are suffering with the symptoms and are worries about finding your own treatment contact your GP and arrange an appointment and they will point you in the right direction of what treatment suits you best.


Diagnosis and symptoms

The symptoms of the incontinence will differ depending on the type of incontinence that is present but on an overall scale some of the general symptoms are.

-loss of control of the bladder

-Dribbling pee when doing physical activity

-Dribbles of urine on clothing items after you urinate

-Irritated skin if in constant contact with urine.

Within Diagnosis there could involve a bladder diary, physical test, Ultrasound and/or Urodynamic testing. And it will most likely involve your medical history


There are lots of different treatments that will be pointed out by your GP once you’ve been diagnosed however, one treatment which prevents embarrassment is using Men’s incontinence pads. Incontinence pads for men are specially designed to be secret and allow you to get along with your normal daily routine despite your incontinence. Men’s Incontinence pants are an alternative product that may help.


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