Urge Incontinence

Urge Incontinence


Urge incontinence is the sudden and strong need to urinate, you could also look at it as an unstable or an overactive bladder. If you are experiencing Urge incontinence it may feel like your bladder is fuller then it actually is and that is because the muscles around your bladder are contracting too early and not when they should be. It could lead to you needing the toilet all the time after drinking and possibly leaking some urine before you get to the toilet. As you need to go to the toilet more frequently to pass urine it may mean you have to get up several times during the night to do so which can cause a lack of sleep which isn’t healthy for the body or the mind.



Some common symptoms of urge incontinence are:

  • A sudden, intense urge to pee
  • Involuntary loss of bladder control
  • A more frequent need to use the toilet


However, every person is different and so your symptoms may be different. If you feel uncomfortable or you need assistance don’t be afraid to see your GP who will diagnose your condition and assist you in finding the correct treatment for you.



Urge incontinence has not been fully researched yet so these are just some factors that increase the chance of getting urge incontinence.

  • Its more prominent as we age, as most of our body’s muscles deteriorate as we get older
  • Symptoms may get worse if you are stressed or by drinking certain drinks such as fizzy drinks, caffeine or alcohol
  • It can be linked to having other medical conditions such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple sclerosis as these may interfere with brain signals going towards the bladder
  • Enlarged prostate gland can affect incontinence in men
  • Constipation can mess with your bladder
  • A history of poor bladder habits.





This can have many complications as it can causes obstruction to daily tasks that you might carry out however, there are treatments and solutions to help you continue with your daily life. Small or Large incontinence pads will help keep the dribble in and contain it. If it’s a little more then a dribble there are pull up pants. These will help restore your confidence in your body to do all of the daily tasks you were doing before. Bed pads could also be used to catch any dribbles or leaks of urine during the night.


Contact forma-care UK to get your free samples large incontinence pads, bed pads and pull up pants to make sure they are right for you: