forma-care have been providing Adult Incontinence Care Products to the German Market since 1989. Our 30 years of experience enables us to provide products of the highest quality. We have an extensive range in three qualities; forma-care Premium Dry (TBS backed breathable), forma- care Sensitive (TBS backed non breathable) and forma-care Comfort (PE backed).

With forma-care odour control on all ranges performs equally well. We have a Double Layered inner lining which makes all of our products especially comfortable to wear and are pleasant on the skin. All products use a colour concept so that it’s easy to distinguish between different absorbency levels. forma-care is attractive to professionals and users as our range with its different qualities offers an atrractive substitute for most of the current product offerings in the market. There should be a forma-care product of equal or superior quality in any segment.

The environment and us

forma-care products are produced exclusively with pulp from sustainable forestry. The ecological thought is rooted deeply here.

Our supply chain is optimized to produce as few CO2 emissions as possible. The majority of our pads today are transported by rail. This helps to protect our environment.

New technologies and production processes have improved our products and allow a reduction in the overall product weight. In recent years, the overall product weight has been reduced by up to 18%.