Body Care

Body Care

The forma-care Sensitive range of skin care products has been specially designed and formulated to provide the best possible care for elderly and fragile skin. forma-care Sensitive products all provide careful cleansing and moisturising action to ensure the maintenance of natural pH balance in the skin with an effective discreet background odour control.

forma-care Care Foam: the care foam is ready to use, for gentle cleansing and care of highly stressed skin without the use of water, soap or washing lotions. The foam is suitable for cleaning the genital area and has a mild soft cleansing action on all skin types, formulated for easy daily use providing a soft and gentle washing action on elderly and fragile skin. Dermatologically tested and contains panthenol.

forma-care Barrier cream: is specially prepared and formulated zinc oxide barrier cream and provides an ideal protective film against wetness and soreness. The cream has a skin soothing action and is particularly suitable for heavily stressed and irritated skin for use during all care routines. Helps prevent chafed, chapped, or cracked skin, is quickly absorbed into the skin and protects from irritations caused by contact with urine or stools. Dermatologically tested, contains allatoin, panthenol and almond oil.


forma-care Shampoo & Gel: is a soft and mild multipurpose conditioning shampoo for rapid cleaning of hair and skin. The combination skin cleansing action offers a 2 in 1 solution to daily bathing. Specifically formulated for elderly and fragile skin and hair, suitable for frequent use. Dermatologically tested, contains allatoin and panthenol.

forma-care Skin Care wipes: are suitable for gentle cleansing and care of particularly sensitive skin. The high-quality cloth promotes the rapid transfer of the nourishing and cleaning substances to the skin. The wipes are particularly soft on skin contact, enabling a gentle yet effective cleaning action. Dermatologically tested, alcohol and perfume free.

Skin Care

MPC Product name Size Pieces/pack Packs/case
55763 forma-care Care Foam Wash Aerosol 400 ml 55763 400ml 1 12
55764 forma-care Barrier Cream Tube 200 ml 55764 200 ml 1 12
55765 forma-care Shampoo & Shower Gel dispensing bottle 250 ml 55765 250 ml 1 12
55766 forma-care wet wipes 80 pieces flow pack 55766 80 pieces 1 12