Small Shaped Pads

Thinner and lighter. Hardly noticeable. The pads for the woman and the man of today.

forma-care Shaped Pads Woman and Man Active. The little ones with great performance. forma-care products will guide you safely through the day. They are particularly thin but still provide maximum security. The padded area absorbs moisture very quickly while preventing re-wetting. Due to the soft surface and light weight, the user can hardly feel the product. A continuous, wide adhesive strip ensures the perfect fit of the product. The forma-care range always offers the right product, tailored to your needs with the right absorbency. Carry on with your normal day-to-day activities and you will feel comfortable with forma-care Woman and Man Active products.

In discrete white, thin and quiet

  • Discretion assured: white colour, non-rustling and textile-like outer film
  • Fixation in underwear through an extra-wide adhesive strip
  • Good skin ventilation by liquid permeable and breathable textile outside layer
  • Anatomically shaped absorbent pad for comfort and safety
  • SAP Gel Concept for binding of odours and liquids
  • Antibacterial, pH skin neutral distribution system for a rapid absorption of liquids and protection against rewetting
  • Extremely discreet and unobtrusive
  • Highly absorbent

Small Shaped PAds

Premium Dry

MPC Product name Size Severity ISO absorbency Pieces/pack Packs/case
forma-care woman premium dry mini plus
20-4031-P 28 x 11 cm
300 ml 16 12
forma-care woman premium dry normal
20-4041-P 27 x 11 cm
360 ml 20 12
forma-care woman premium dry extra
20-4046-P 31 x 12 cm
490 ml 20 12
forma-care woman premium dry super
20-4051-P 43 x 21 cm
815 ml 20 8
forma-care woman premium dry maxi
20-4056-P 42 x 15 cm
980 ml 20 8
forma-care man active 1
3010-P 29 x 23 cm
450 ml 14 12


MPC Product name Size Severity ISO absorbency Pieces/pack Packs/case
forma-care woman comfort normal
4040-01-P 27 x 14 cm
370 ml 20 12
forma-care woman comfort extra
4045-01-P 32 x 15cm
430 ml 20 10
forma-care woman comfort super
4050-01-P 40 x 16 cm
585 ml 20 10