Why forma-care®?

Many distributors and resellers say goodbye to the incontinence business because it is not „profitable“ enough, even though they know that the business has a positive effect on their core business. The low returns are difficult to manage and it can be difficult to supply the market requirements. Patients cannot get their whole supply free of charge from the NHS any longer and need to purchase additional products.

The solution to this dilemma is forma-care®.

1. Technical Aspects

We manufacture four differt qualities of product, depending on market requirements, Premium Dry, Sensitive, Comfort and Easy. The Premium Dry Range is our flagship range, including Shaped Pads, All-in-Ones, Belted and Pull Up Pants in various sizes and absorbencies. The materials used in manufacture are premium quality, offer outstanding wearing comfort and discretion. Re-wetting performance of the Premium Dry is also remarkable. The Premium Dry products are all backed with breathable TBS, the Sensitive Range with non-breathable TBS and the Comfort and Easy Ranges have a polymeric back sheet. When considering odour control all ranges perform equally well. We have a Double Layered inner lining which makes all of our products especially comfortable to wear and are pleasant on the skin. The Sensitive, Comfort and Easy Ranges are only available as Shaped Pads and All-in-Ones.

2. Commercial Aspects

The whole forma-care® range is a high quality but the pricing is extremely competitive for both Distributors and End Users. Premium Dry is the most expensive, then Sensitive and Comfort attract mid-market pricing and Easy is our most competitive range. There is a forma-care® product for each budget. We have 25 years of Marketing these products to Hospitals and Care Homes in Germany and surrounding countries. Our current UK Distributors are now enjoying our successes as we only sell through them and we protect their Channel. We do not create competition between our Distributors. For the customer who simply needs to have a very competitive product, they will choose the Comfort or Easy ranges  range but the regular product preferred by most is the Premium Dry or the larger users such as Care Home Groups may choose the Sensitive Range. Put quite simply our price:performance ration is the best in the market and superior to our competitors.

3. Competitive Advantage

Forma-care® is attracting attention and customers for several reasons. Firstly our range and the different qualities which we offer can substitute most of the current product offerings in the market. There should be a forma-care® product of equal or superior quality in any segment. Secondly, we have a defined distribution policy for the Brand. We try, as much as is possible in today’s market, to ensure that our Distributors do not compete with each other, either geographically or channel. Our Distributors are then free to develop their area without being pressured by either price or product. A degree of protection is afforded to our Partners. Thirdly, we will not sell direct via e-commerce to end-users as many competitors do. Lastly our pricing levels are pitched to allow price advantage in most cases, when comparing like with like, which means that our Distributor’s margin can be protected.

Ecological aspects are important to us.

forma-care® products are produced exclusively with pulp from sustainable forestry. The ecological thought is rooted deeply here.

Our supply chain is optimised to produce as few CO2 emissions as possible. The majority of the goods today are transported by rail. This protects our environment

New technologies and production processes have improved our products and allow a reduction in the overall product weight. In recent years, the weight has been reduced by up to 18%